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"Fantastic service, helpful and if anything underpriced! Highly recommend supporting local!" - Theresa N

"We highly recommend you check him out!" - Karen J

"Owner Kristof is highly knowledgeable and very skilled." - Katryn P


Basic Service

I'll clean & lube the chain, dial in the gears and brakes, inflate the tires and check pressure and do a safety inspection of your bike (any additional parts that need replacing are not calculated in this price).


Advanced Service

I'll do everything that fits in the basic service (clean & lube chain, adjust gears and brakes, inflate tires and check pressure, safety inspection) but we can also include wheel truing, bike wash, bottom bracket-, headset-, hub adjustment (any additional parts that need replacing are not calculated in this price).

Upon assessment

Custom Service

Don't fall into the regular service packs? Let's see if I can accommodate! Shoot me a message to explain your project.

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Please keep in mind that this project is something I do in my spare time. We are not a full bike shop and do not keep a large inventory or any purchasable items. If this is what you are looking for, Perth and Kingston are your best bets.

Turnaround times are depended on availability of parts and my work schedule.

About me

Hailing from the same country as the great Merckx, I grew up on bikes in Belgium. Ever since I could walk, I could ride a bike. Interested in how things work, I found myself quickly taking bikes apart to see how the components create the whole. What was a hobby at the time, became a profession and career in product development when I grew up. Now I work as a product designer, but I haven't forgotten where this passion all came from: cycling. I love to chat about what is latest in tech, go for group rides on blistering hot days, get bikes ready to roll again and a strong, bitter coffee in the morning. Oh, and I'm also big on cycle touring.